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Welcome to the Employee Benefit Center!

At Metro Waste Authority, we've created this portal with you in mind. Think of the portal as a place where you can learn about all of your benefits and HR programs.  And, while you are here, check out our new mobile app, The POCKETPAL, so you can have the benefit information you need at your fingertips. Be sure to share The POCKETPAL with the dependents you cover under our plans so that they can be "in the know" as well.

Take a look around we hope you like what you see.

The information included in this portal is a high-level summary of common benefits. For more details about your plans, please refer to your Plan Document, Summary Plan Description or Certificate of Insurance Coverage. The information in those formal plan documents governs. This site is provided by TrueNorth Companies.  ©2019 Metro Waste Authority. All rights reserved.  Powered by Touchpoints.